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Potion Cost Description (or effective level)
Clairaudience level 5
Cure critical wounds
level 12
Cure light wounds level 5
Cure moderate wounds level 7
Cure serious wounds level 10
Dark vision level 5
Delay poison level 5
Dragon Control charm monster (dragon & dragon-kin only)
Enlarge person level 5
Flying level 5
Gaseous Form level 5
Heroism +2 on attacks, saves, skill checks, 1 hour
Invisibility level 5
Invisibility to Animals level 5
Jump +10 enhancement to Jump skill, lasts 10 minutes
Levitate level 5
Magic fang +1 to a single natural weapon, lasts 5 minutes
Neutralize poison level 7
Oil of Etherealness Ethereal for 1d4*10 minutes
Philtre of Love
Philtre of Persuasiveness Suggestion at level 5
Plant Control Charm Plants at level 5
Polymorph Self level 7
Protection from arrows level 5
Protection from Fire immune to the next 60pts of fire/ehat damage, 50 minutes
Rage +2 morale bonus to Strength and Constitution, a +1 morale bonus on Will saves, and a -2 penalty to AC, Lasts 5 rounds
Reduce person level 5
Remove fear +4 morale bonus vs fear for 10 minutes
Resist Fire level 5
Spider Climbing level 5
Strength level 5, power varies
Super Heroism +4 on attacks, saves, skill checks, 1 hour
Sweet Water neutralizes poison in liquides
Tongues level 7
Undead Control Charm Undead at level 7
Water breathing level 5

Keep your eyes open for the following. Please bring them in in good condition. Will pay top dollar!
Giant Bat Ear, Giant Insect Legs
Kobold Horn & Wererat Blood
Dragon Brain, Troll Blood
Salamandar Scales
Hypogriff Feathers & Wyvern Blood
Vamp Dust & Ogre Magi Horn
Giant Sweat
Heart of a Lion
Invis Stalker Icor or Ogre Magi Horn
Lycanthrope Skin
Beholder Stalk or Will-O-Wisp Essence
Demon Brain
Shreiker Spores
Harpy's Tongue
Dryad Hair
Mimic Skin
Giant Wolverine Blood & Minotaur Heart
Triton Blood
Vampire Brain (& dust from target undead)

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